Podcast Production & Website Design by Marcus dePaula


“Sounds like me, only louder...”
That’s what front-of-house engineer Vance Powell used to say most days when he had finished equalizing the PA to his liking on the couple tours that I was fortunate enough to have worked with him. A couple Crowded House tracks, a Shure SM58, and his voice is all he needed.
As a live audio engineer and road manager earlier in my career, my job was to help amplify an artist’s songs through a large sound system for thousands of people to hear in a concert venue. I now borrow Vance’s phrase (with permission) in a different context helping businesses and independent creatives send their messages through their podcasts and website content to thousands of people online.
Since "retiring" from the road in 2005, I have built over 50 Squarespace websites working with my wife at Mixtus Media. I bring the same passion and attention to detail to podcast production and website design that I developed over almost a decade touring with bands. So if you need help being heard above all the noise online, shoot me an email.