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Guest Instructions

Connect to a Cleanfeed recording session using a USB or XLR microphone and headphones connected to your computer.

You should have received an email with the Cleanfeed session link. A few minutes before it is time to record, please follow these steps so the recording goes well:

1) Set up to record in a location that:

  • is quiet (no traffic noise, no fans blowing, no people talking in the background, office phones silenced/unplugged, etc.)

  • does not have a bad echo (in a room that is carpeted, has bookshelves, plush furniture, few hard smooth surfaces, etc.)

  • provides power to plug in your computer (do not run on your laptop’s battery power while recording)

  • gives you the fastest internet connection possible (hardwired ethernet connection is best, but if not available, make sure your wireless WiFi signal is very strong by being as close as possible to the wireless access point)

2) Prepare your computer to get the best recording possible:

  • restart your computer immediately before connecting to Cleanfeed (to prevent possible hardware and software glitches)

  • set computer and display Sleep times to “never”

  • quit all apps/programs on your computer besides Chrome - especially file sharing services like Dropbox and media streaming apps like iTunes and Spotify.

3) Connect your microphone (and interface if using an XLR microphone) to your computer and make sure that your external USB audio device is selected for both the input and output (to use with your headphones):

  • for Mac open System Preferences > Sound > Output and Input tabs

  • for Windows open Playback and Recording Settings panels by right-clicking on the sound icon in the notifications area (lower right)

What you will see in the Chrome browser window when you connect to the Cleanfeed session.

What you will see in the Chrome browser window when you connect to the Cleanfeed session.

4) Use your Chrome web browser to open the Cleanfeed session link that was emailed to you (copy and paste the URL if Chrome is not your default browser) and grant access your computer’s sound input and output (if asked).

5) Once connected you will see your microphone’s audio register green in Cleanfeed’s guest connection and you should hear the host.

* If your connection drops for some reason, simply click on the link in the email to quickly reconnect.

If you have any problems connecting, please call or message the host using the contact information provided in the Cleanfeed email.